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    Media monitoring

    For you we monitor print and electronic media as well as web sites

    Media content analysis

    We analyze and process media content for you

    Alarm clipping

    We analyze and process media content for you

    About Us .

    The main goal and the mission of the agency is to promptly gather, process and deliver information on media reporting – by topics and criteria that our clients determine.

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    Industries that we monitor and analyze.

    • Financial sector – banking, insurance companies, investment funds, leasing companies, microcredit organizations, brokerage houses and stock exchanges.
    • Food industry – production and processing.
      Industry of production and distribution of water, soft and alcoholic beverages.
    • Auto industry.
    • Import, logistics and distribution.
    • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry.
    • Communications – marketing, PR, digital, IT.
    • NGO sector – associations and organizations.
    • Arts and culture.
    • Institutions.

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