Our Services

Media monitoring.

For you we monitor print and electronic media as well as web sites in order to have complete information about the topic that interests you and to know exactly in what manner is the media reporting about it. Parametar offers the possibility of 24 hour recording of TV stations as well as transcript of certain TV features and shows. If you need a radio or a TV show in which your company is mentioned, our agency is there to deliver it to you. Continued monitoring of over 100 web sites gives you an insight in the way the media is reporting on the certain topic and based only on a keyword. What is most important is that you can access the content which is saved on the platform at any moment and search it based on the date that you need. There is no unnecessary wasting of memory on your computer and fearing that you didn’t save some content.

Businessmen are analyzing graphs and using tablets.

Media content analysis.

Through qualitative and quantitive analysis the agency analyses media content on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly basis. These analysis do not imply classical monitoring and gathering of posts based on a keyword but the focus is put on the core of the event, the manner of reporting is analysed as well as the media’s interpretation. It, therefore, provides a broader framework of the event itself and the context of the story that is being analysed. Depending on what is important for you to know, we also focus on the authorship of the text, the tone of reporting and the size of media space that is made available to the text.


Alarm clipping.

Alarm clipping is a special system of reporting through which we send an e-mail and inform the clients about negative posts that can lead to a crisis immediately after the event. Parametar offers the service of qualitative alarm clipping which includes a review of the media reporting about a crisis situation, as well as crisis alarm clipping, i.e. e-mail notification with a summary of the post. With this service you will have a real-time information, and wherever you are you will be able to react on time to the posts.


Online monitoring (social media monitoring).

We all know how much social media impacts forming of public opinion. How to track everything that is going on on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Usenet and forums all in one place? Through Metricom we monitor everything that is happening in social media from minute to minute. Also, with the help of this advanced tool you can find out how the users react to your posts beacuse we montior the comments on web sites as well.


Daily and weekly summaries.

We offer the service of a daily review of social events based on keywords that are important to the client. In the framework of these services we offer: review of key political topics and review of key economic topics.


Translation service.

We offer translation and proofreading of media posts and texts of any kind to English, Italian and German language.


Mystery shopping.

When a company does not want for unsatisfied customer to share its dissatisfaction with 20 other potential buyers, this service which includes previously educated mystery shoppers can help the company. They pretend to be potential and regular customers and according to predefined rules, measure the quality of service of that company and/or its competitors.


Ad hoc analysis (media content analysis) .

This service includes analysis that would be delivered on a weekly basis and that include: number of posts by media, a numerical presentation of the value orientation of the post, the most important titles of media articles, a review of the authorship of articles as well as an analysis of how the same news is interpreted in different media. The analysis gives a special insight into comments as a special form of media reporting.